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Victoria-Morfe Solutions Inc.

A registered Corporation in the Philippines, provider of Cloud Solutions Architecture Services and Subscription-Based Cloud Solutions Services.

Branch Sales POS

A Mobile Point of Sale

Branch Sales is mobile Point of Sale that enables small business owners to send Invoices and receive credit card payments via PayPal. Record transactions on-the-go, offline, and access consolidated sales reports from multiple users, devices, and store branches, online (for premium accounts).

Branch Sales is updated weekly as we receive feature requests from our users. Branch Sales is available on the App Store, powered by Amazon Web Services and PayPal.

Feature Comparison

Benefits Free Paid
Accept Credit Card Payments via PayPal * Yes Yes
Send PayPal Invoice * Yes Yes
Record sales offline Yes Yes
Record sales on a single device by different users Yes Yes
Create personal categories and items Yes by Admin
Sync sales records to the Cloud in the background No Yes
Consolidate sales records from different branches or devices to the main office No Yes
View sales records online No Yes
Use our Manager's Dashboard to view Sales Analytics No Yes
** Have your customers pre-order items for pick-up No Yes
** Send loyalty rewards points to your customers No Yes

With our Paid Version, you can view consolidated sales records from different devices or store branches. Additionally, you can have your Sales Reports on a per device, per sales person, or per store branch basis. You can even send us a feature request for a certain type of report you need and we can have this added to our standard reports.

To know more on how to get started on our Paid Version, kindly please send us a message via our Facebook Page at

* Requires PayPal Business Account. Use of PayPal Invoice is subject to Terms & Conditions of PayPal.
** Upcoming features.

Project Management

Progress Monitoring Anywhere

Is a Solution-as-a-Service web-based project monitoring tool which enables Managers and Stakeholders to assess project completion through various metrics such as:

  • Planned Man Hours
  • Actual Man Hours
  • Planned Manpower Cost
  • Actual Manpower Cost
These metrics are then held against an expert's visual completion assessment for favorable and unfavorable completion variances.

Project Management is powered by Amazon Web Services. Service is available in monthly subscription basis--independent to the number of users.


Live. Anywhere.

Timekeeping is powered by Amazon Web Services, accessible via the internet through a web browser. Use of the Solution is available in monthly subscription. Use Timekeeping for:

  • Planning manpower schedule
  • Encoding time-records
  • Approving time-records
  • Generating approved time-records for payroll processing
  • Monitoring your Plan Efficiency

Preventive Maintenance

Asset Life Cycle Tracking with Fleet Downtime Management

VMS Preventive Maintenance is a Cloud Solution, powered by Amazon Web Services, which keeps track of the availability of your mission-critical assets like Vessels, Trucks, Vans, Forklifts, Motorcycles, and others. The Solution is available through a Monthly Service Subscription.

High Level Features:

  • Asset Life Cycle Tracking
  • Maintenance Expense
  • Fleet Downtime Management

Investor Relations

Company News and Updates

June 19, 2018

Next Challenge, Growth!

“People who really believe in what they are doing should continue to do it.” — this is the founding principle of Victoria-Morfe Solutions Inc.

It gave us great honor to have our hard work returned as client contracts. It was months of tough job paid off.

VMS has become the Cloud Solutions Provider for a Company in the Manila Port area and a Company in the Cebu Port area. To have these Companies to trust VMS was a real product of hard work. It was no joke. This was a huge Milestone for VMS.

Next challenge, growth!

VMS Cloud Solutions has been tested and proven useful. It has come to the point that we need to reach more Companies. They needed to know the benefits and the ease of management which our Solutions can contribute.

With all these, we need investors to help us grow. Additional funds are welcome. These funds will help us market our Solutions and help us sustain our Development Operations.

Reyn and me have been building Enterprise-Level Solutions all our lives as Employees. Our time has come to build a Brand of our Own. Our skills were ripen by experience. Our passion to create was molded by our desire for greatness.

Victoria-Morfe Solutions Inc. exists to deliver quality Enterprise-Level Solutions.

The Founders, Victoria-Morfe Solutions Inc.

March 12, 2018

A Look Back at a Year and a Month

As we take a moment to recall a year and a month at Victoria-Morfe Solutions Inc., we dedicate this shoutout to all our Investors.

Our deepest appreciation to those who are with us from the beginning. And, to our new Investors, we welcome you and thank you with all our hearts.

We are proud to have such Investors who share the same vision with us. Day by day, our vision to be the household name of customer-centric solutions, becomes a reality.

Thank you so much for your support.

Within such a small amount of time, we have accomplished a lot. We have become an Apple Developer Program Member, an Amazon Technology Partner, and a provider for PayPal integrated solutions.

We have solutions that are deployed on the App Store and on Amazon Cloud. Solutions which run on Amazon Web Services and are accessible via Web Browsers and Apple Devices —- highly available and highly secure.

Additionally, we have PayPal integrated solutions which enabled small and medium businesses to send PayPal Invoices and accept Credit Card payments online. We have transformed how transactions are made by traditional and conventional businesses -- making the future of point-of-sale accessible to them.

We have helped Corporations in monitoring costs and management of manpower resources of their Projects. They now use a tool which helped them keep their projects on budget and on time -- which in-turn results to efficiency in manpower productivity and huge savings for the Company.

We have the trust of clients coming from accross the Corporate and Consumer Industries.

As the year 2018 continues, we will continue to deliver solutions which are Globally completitive both in the Technology and Functional aspect of “Solutions Delivered”.

The Founders, Victoria-Morfe Solutions Inc.